Byron Burger

We were given the opportunity to visit Byron Burger Liverpool and taste their most recent additions to the menu. With Byron already having such a prestigious name within the industry we had high expectations upon arrival.

To start with we ordered some Nachos and Halloumi Fries.

Nachos / £4.50

We were given a generous portion that could easily satisfy a couple of peoples appetite should they only want a light nibble. However, I was slightly disappointed as they lacked cheese as well as sour cream. With only guacamole and salsa, it was very underwhelming to be expected from a place called Byron Burger.

Halloumi Fries / £5.00

The halloumi fries were exceptional. I didn’t anticipate the size to be as big as they were, a rather chunky portion. They had a nice crispy batter yet a very smooth runny core. Very high-quality frying. The accompanying smoky BBQ dip complemented them providing a nice hint of heat.  Despite only getting 8 for £5.00 I must say they are worth it.


We tried two of the new burger releases in Byron Burger for our mains, we got the B-Rex and a C-Rex.

B-Rex / £13.95

Priced at £13.95 a piece, expectations were very high. The B-Rex which consisted of a beef patty, bacon, onion rings, American cheese, jalapenos, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise was asked to be cooked medium.

Cooked in a nicely toasted brioche bun the burger was exceptional. It clearly had an American theme to it which came through with the flavours. The patty was cooked just as requested and with each individual flavour coming through. It was a very juicy burger emphasizing the quality of the ingredients. The only critique would be that due to the sheer size of the burger the bun could have been slightly bigger and the smoky BBQ sauce from the starter could have been incorporated slightly more. Despite this, it was a delightful burger.

C-Rex / £13.95

The C-Rex consisted of the same ingredients except that the beef patty was replaced with a buttermilk fried chicken breast. The chicken was cooked perfectly, very juicy and tender and not overdone.


When you purchase a burger from Byron burger, you are given the option of a house salad or french fries to accompany it. We got normal french fries, french fries with bacon and cheese, house salad, and coleslaw as optional sides.

French Fries / £3.00

The french fries were as expected, very crispy and tasting. They could have done with some more seasoning ever so slightly, however, should you require more you can easily add more.

Bacon Cheese Fries / £4.50

The bacon cheese fries cost £1.50 to be upgraded and were very lacklustre. The taste was there however it was only a topping, they weren’t integrated with the fries at the bottom of the pile. They could have been mixed prior to assembly and had slightly more toppings added as decoration. Not worth the upgrade.

House Salad / £3.00

The house salad cost £3.00 and was extremely poor. Consisting of only lettuce, cucumber and radish it was hardly a salad to fit the title. The menu stated it came with “a zesty dressing” which was very acidic and tasted more like a vinaigrette. Overall not worth it.

Coleslaw / £3.00

Unfortunately, the coleslaw followed a similar pattern.  It lacked enough mayonnaise to combine the mixture which resulted in it tasting slightly acidic. Again priced at £3.00 it wasn’t worth the price paid.

Chocolate Brownie / £4.50

Extremely good quality very light and tasty, it kept a nice a warmth to it which meant the vanilla ice-cream melted slowly. A good portion size it was worth the price and was a lovely way to finish the meal.

Overall a pleasant experience at Bryon Burger Liverpool.



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