Wok To Walk

New to Bold Street, Wok To Walk can talk the talk as they are establishing themselves as the go-to noodle bar in Liverpool.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting them not once but twice! Yes, it was that good.

Lemonade… You would think this is simple but their homemade lemonade is definitely a must. The perfect balance of sweet and sharp lemon heaven.

When it comes to the food… Remember, everything is fully customisable. So if there is something you don’t fancy, you can just swap it.


Katsu Chicken with rice and veg in teriyaki sauce.

This was incredible, the crispy chicken and spicy sauce worked exceptionally well with the fresh veg and rice, flavour flavour flavour! What’s not to like?

Chicken And Prawns with rice noodles in Seoul sauce.

Well well well, what can I say? Order this, and you won’t be disappointed. Chicken and prawns are a classic combination, mix that with the sweet/salty Seoul sauce. Perfection.

What I love about this place is how you can pick and choose what works for you or experiment with new flavours. Granted the price can be only slightly higher than some of their competitors. However, you can’t go wrong here.


Things to note… All of the food is Halal. There is no use of MSG. All the food is sourced from local suppliers. Positive all round!

Overall I can’t fault any of my visits so far, the staff are great, food is fantastic, and the restaurant is warm and welcoming… They spared no expense when opening and this shows.


Overall our visit was fantastic, and we will be returning soon! You definitely will need to visit!

Wok To Walk - Rating

Service – 10/10

Price – 7/10

Food – 9/10


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