Revolution Liverpool

I had the pleasure of visiting Revolution Liverpool on St Peter’s Square on the weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as Revolution Liverpool is not only a restaurant but also a bar and nightclub.

Nachos / £4.75

£4.75 may seem a little steep for a small plate of Nachos, but they did not disappoint! The cajun dusted tortilla chips are smothered in a deliciously smoky, rich cheese sauce, which was a great surprise as most places I’ve visited serve their chips with grated cheese, which as you probably know, turns hard and makes the chips stick together.

Placed on the side of the Nachos was a small scoop of the “smoking tomato salsa” which was bursting with flavour. Although the sauce had an excellent tangy/smoky flavour, the freshness of the tomatoes gives the dip a wonderfully natural taste.

If you’re not a fan of coriander (like myself), you would love Revs tasty smashed avocado! As I said, I’m not a massive fan of overly seasoned guacamole; if you feel the same, I would definitely recommend trying this simple but yummy side.

I was a little disappointed that the nachos were not served with Jalapenos, as it did state they would be included on the menu. But other than that, the Nachos were delicious!


Fish & Chips / £10.50

Are fish and chips really worth £10.50? Well, in Revs case yes! The portion size was absolutely huge. I would consider working up your appetite before thinking of ordering this dish.

Although the dish looked great, it lacked in flavour. The beer battered outer layer had a fantastic consistency as it was light and crispy, but this was ruined by the amount of salt that was added to the already perfectly cooked fish. I was a little confused about why they decided to add so much salt to my meal as that’s usually something the customer would choose.

Other than the salt issue, the fish was cooked perfectly and served alongside gigantic golden chips, and two small pots containing mushy peas and tartare sauce. I have never tried tartare sauce before, but I was really surprised at how tasty it was and how much it complimented the fish.


Bombshell Brownie / £4.00

I’ve got three words for you… fudgy, chewy & flaky! I think these words describe the perfect brownie, don’t you agree? There is nothing better in this world than a delicious rich chocolate brownie with a slightly hard/flaky top.

This heavenly explosion of chocolate brownie bits came alongside a salted caramel chocolate sauce, which to me, didn’t really taste like caramel at all.

Honeycomb chunks were the perfect partner to the brownie as all the other aspects of the dish were very rich with chocolate. Especially the chocolate ice cream, I actually found the ice cream quite sickly. I think a simple vanilla ice cream would be a great alternative.


Revolution Liverpool - Rating

Service – 10/10

Price – 8/10

Food – 8/10


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