Siren Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago, I joined the North West Bloggers gang and tried some food from Siren Liverpool.


HALLOUMI FRIES / £4.95 with green tahini sauce V

What can go wrong with halloumi fries? Not a lot really, these were cooked well and tasted great. Definitely a dish you have to try when visiting.

MARINATED OLIVES / £2.50 garlic, orange, smoked paprika VE

Simply and tasty, the olives were excellent and worked well with the garlic and smoked paprika. Not many people went off them, which was a bit confusing.

FLAT IRON STEAK / £7.50 straw fries, miso hollandaise

I didn’t try this one as I don’t eat beef; however, the response from the rest of the guys said it all! If you are a meat lover, you will definitely enjoy this.

HOT SMOKED SALMON / £7.50 confit fennel, salsa verde

My favourite dish of the whole evening, I honestly would have eaten 4-5 plates of this easily. The flavours worked well, and the salmon was cooked to perfection. My only complaint is that I wanted more…

COCONUT PRAWNS / £6.95 chilli, lime, curry mayo

I didn’t get to try this as they disappeared too quick, my own fault for being slow, I guess, but like the rest of the food, I am sure it was amazing. The fact it was finished before I noticed must speak to how good it was.


CHICKEN WINGS / £6.50 chilli, garlic, coriander

I wasn’t too keen on the chicken wings, for me they were not crispy enough and could have done with more spice to add some more flavour to the dish.

CAULIFLOWER STEAK / £5.95 chimichurri VE

Amazing! This cauliflower was unbelievably good, one of the better ones I have had. Cooked well and plenty of flavours. I would recommend you visit to try this alone.

SALTED RICOTTA CROQUETTES / £5.50 roast garlic aioli V

Salted ricotta croquettes had me sold by the name alone. These tasted fantastic. The garlic aioli complimented the dish well.

CACIO E PEPE FRIES / £3.95 skin on fries in black pepper & parmesan with roast garlic aioli V/VE

I happily would have eaten a bucket of these fries! They were so good. I don’t anyone who went would have anything bad to say about them. They were good chips, well worth the money too!

Overall the visit to Siren was excellent, I enjoyed the company that was there, and the restaurant has a very good atmosphere to it, simple and clean with large glass windows that let in loads of natural light. I definitely would recommend you try this hidden gem, its a little of the beaten path but well worth the visit. I can’t wait to go back and have some more of the food!


Well worth visiting Siren Liverpool, food looks a little pricey but it tastes amazing.

Siren Liverpool - Rating

Service – 9/10

Price – 7/10

Food – 9/10


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