Liverpool – Where to Eat This Weekend (25th-27th October)

Bone and Block

If you’re wondering where to eat this weekend. Look no further as breakfast is served this weekend.

Down at Dukes Street Market breakfast is underway at some of their most popular businesses, notably, Bone & Block.

Who has a delightful morning treat that’ll make MacDonald’s blush.

Their breakfast butty is packed to the brim with Sausage, Egg, Cheese and Hashbrowns.

Serving this weekend 10-12 am.

Beef and cheese burger


October can only mean one thing…Halloween.

But the last place you’d expect to see the terror and scares of the much loved holiday is down at the gourmet chicken restaurant, Yard & Coop.

To commemorate the season, a new and saucy treat has been concocted for the world’s spookiest clown, Pennywise this should one of the place you visit if you’re still wondering where to eat this weekend.

A beetroot bun with sweet mustard, two buttermilk chicken thighs loaded with chilli honey glazed bacon and smothered in ghost pepper marinara and cheese sauce – served with fries and candy floss.

Don’t miss out as the burger won’t be around for long – you’ve got from the until the 5th of November to claim yours, and then you’ll float too. 


If you’ve ever had an Honest Burgers burger then you’ll know they aren’t to be messed with.

Homemade beef patties and rosemary chips are always to the highest of standards.

But what isn’t standard is each location’s locally sourced, ‘special’ burger – and Liverpool has a beauty.

In collaboration with Hafla Hafla, specialising in halloumi, this burger is a sight to behold – Honest beef, halloumi, Hafla Hafla salt & pepper, spring onion, sriracha mayo and lettuce.

This is where to go this weekend! Pop on down and give it a go!

Beef burger and salad with chips


Bill’s has become a popular spot in Liverpool for a vast array of food and drink – from Chicken and sesame dumplings with Bill’s spicy chutney to Bill’s signature fish pie.

If we had to choose only one dish, we’d place our bets on their Buttermilk Chicken Burger.

With chipotle mayonnaise, beef tomato, sesame bun & fries plus extras of cheddar cheese and smoked streaky bacon for as little as £1.35 each.

This is perfect for all those burger cravings built up throughout the week – go on, you deserve it.

Small cheese beef burger with a side of chips

Roast and Records

Round out your weekend with a roast, not just any old bog-standard roast, no, make it a special Sunday lunch to remember with Roast & Records.

Constellations Liverpool, in conjunction with popup, ‘You’ve pulled’, have created a range of meaty, veggie and vegan roast dinners made for family and friends time.

On top of this, enjoy the grub with a host of handpicked music from R&R’s resident record spinners.

Could Sunday seriously get any better when wondering where to eat? Prices starting from £9.


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