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It’s not just bowling; Pins Social Club get a strike for their creative food too!

Ice Cream Pick n' mix £5.00

Don’t be fooled by the Morris Minor parked in the entrance, inside the car-prop is where Rocket & Ruby have placed their ice cream machine that serves deliciously creamy desserts. With a selection of pick n’ mix to top off your ice cream, it’s a real hit!

Mushroom Pizza
Plated Pizza and side of chips

Based on Duke Street, Liverpool’s brand-new independent venue PINS Social Club has recently collaborated with both Rocket & Ruby and Bacaro to bring a menu fit for all ages. From burgers and hotdogs to wings and pizza, what more could you want?

Roasted Portobello Mushrooms, Garlic Spinach & Ricotta £10.00 / Pepperoni, Nduja & Jalapeños £12.00

Bacaro already have a great name for themselves across Liverpool and their specialties in pizzas and flatbreads at PINS Social Club do not disappoint either. One of their vegetarian options, the ‘Roasted Portobello Mushrooms, Garlic Spinach & Ricotta’ pizza is just what you’re looking for if you want a meat-free meal. Although it’s a blonde-based pizza, it’s not too creamy because they don’t go overboard with the ricotta and it’s absolutely not bland at all, this is a perfectly balanced pizza for days when you just don’t want the usual. Overall, if you like mushrooms, this is up your (bowling) alley!

Known as ‘the city’s favourite slice’ for a reason, Bacaro’s pizzas are not greasy or heavy and we’d certainly urge you to also try their ‘Pepperoni, Nduja & Jalapeños’ pizza for when you want to turn up the heat. Their rich sauce has just the right amount of kick whilst the crust has just about the right amount of crunch. All made in a wood fired oven to give that authentic Italian taste, the Bacaro’s ‘13 inches of heavenly delight’ are pizzas that give you a reason to return.

Burger and fries
BBQ Chicken wings
Hotdog with popcorn chicken

Chilli Stack Burger £12.95

Next up we took on their ‘Chilli Stack Burger’. This is a super yummy dish if you’re a lover of beef chilli. Think of chilli con carne with kidney beans, this burger comes in a juicy red sauce, topped with cheese, sour cream and toasted on a brioche bun. The dish comes with fries and is definitely big enough to share.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Pieces with Chilli and Honey Sauce £6.50

If you’re wanting to bowl and eat on the go then the Lane Sharers Menu is just what you need. This menu is the best way to sample PINS Social Club’s most exciting dishes from the ‘Dirty Waffle Fries with Cheese Sauce’ (£6.50) to their ‘Frickles with Creamy Ranch Dip’(£5.00). Or, you can just opt to keep it simple and try their ‘Buttermilk Fried Chicken pieces with Chilli and Honey sauce’ (£6.50) or their ‘Sweet Potato Fries’ (£4.50).

These hot chicken wings come boneless which is perfect for when you want to keep your hands clean and mess free. They have a little spice to them which makes them so moreish and are a perfect side dish. The ‘Sweet Potato Fries’ are nice and thick. I love my fries to be salty (obviously not overloaded) and these are just the perfect balance of sweet and salty. With veggie options, sharing and children menus, you can’t really go wrong.

Scouse Dog £9.50

We were lucky enough to be able to test their most recent addition to the specials board. A twist on the famous Scouse, the team have put together the latest edition of the ‘hottest dogs in the city’. To celebrate World Scouse Day, this hot dog named the ‘Scouse Dog’ will be running on Friday the 28th of February and will be available all weekend. The dog is made up of cheese in between the bun, a juicy hot dog and a saucy beef brisket which is later topped with potato tots… it really isn’t one to be missed. Although we aren’t huge fans of mustard, it was a great touch because the taste was subtle and added huge flavour.

Two Chocolate milkshakes

Boozy Lucy £7.50 / Moo Juice £4.50

To complement this glorious food, we had to take on their ‘Concretes’ milkshakes too. If you have a sweet tooth and aren’t on driving duty then we would recommend the ‘Boozy Lucy’. Made with Old Forester bourbon, salted caramel syrup, chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk, it’s got the golden touch. We also tested out one of their alcohol-free versions called the ‘Moo Juice’ which tasted like raspberry milkshake heaven.

The venue is brand new so there are bound to be things that people would add or change, but to me it’s great. I see it as a place where I could bring my entire family, there’s something for the elders , for the teens and for the youngsters too. The staff at PINS Social Club are attentive and so friendly which adds to the whole experience. What I like most about Bacaro and Rocket & Ruby’s restaurant collaboration is their décor. Their floor-to-ceiling windows are great for sitting and watching the world go by whether it be on a cold Monday morning or a rockin’ Saturday night.


Try it, you’ll like it.



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