Crust Bold Street

We’ve heard the hype around Crust Bold Street – so now it was time for us to put it to the test… and boy did they deliver!

We were invited to try out the menu down at Crust Bold Street. First off, let’s talk about the venue… A seemingly small place but with a great atmosphere, the restaurant is buzzing with neon lights, a wood-fire oven burning in the back and the friendliest of staff to welcome you. The large windows allow you to sit right at the front of the restaurant where you can enjoy all the action on bold street or if you’d prefer somewhere a bit more tucked away, they also have a downstairs area for those more intimate moments.

Now let’s move onto the important stuff… the food!

Prawn salad

Burrata £7.00

A creamy burrata mozzarella served with cherry tomatoes & dosed in a rich pesto. Our meals came all together, but this dish is usually served as a starter. Personally, I liked how it came alongside the main dishes because it was nice to go back and forth. Also, the burrata complemented the pizza well! The burrata was creamy and a good portion size too.

Pan-Fried Prawns £7.00

I was personally slightly disappointed with their prawns, and they were probably my least favourite dish. Having said that, everything else that was served to us was delicious, so it was easily forgiven. The menu says they were king prawns cooked with garlic butter and served with a cherry tomato on a toasted Tuscan bread. The dish was underwhelming but was still a good portion.

Nduja £12.00

Ok, YUM!! This pizza was so moreish. If you’re a fan of spice, then this pizza is the one for you. Although it may seem basic when it says ‘spicy salami’ as the only information given about the pizza, do not be fooled because it’s super scrummy and seems like way more than just a simple ingredient! Nduja sausage is a delicacy that everyone should experience – pair that with a pizza with salami and chillies and then this is a winner. Crust have won awards for their pizzas which are all served up fresh from their wood-fired oven and topped with ingredients straight from their Italian suppliers. Diavola was a great example of their pizza charm.

Paccheri All'Amatriciana £9.00

If you read this thinking ‘Pa-what?!’ then you’re not alone, my friend. Paccheri is a popular Italian pasta; it’s very similar to rigatoni but much larger, which makes it so interesting. This pasta dish from Crust was something we wanted to try because we wondered if their pasta would be as good as their pizza. Made with pancetta, red onion, red wine, tomato and pecorino shavings, this dish was so creamy and delicious. It was a little more pricey than the pizza of our choice but still not mega expensive and a good quality choice that sits within the student budget for dining out.

Homemade Lemonade Drinks

We washed down our meals with their special lemonade drinks. They tasted slightly different to what we expected, but they did the job! Similar to Robinsons cordial drinks with a twist.

I enjoyed how they’ve refined everything and stripped it back to basics. The rustic feel in the restaurant is what gives Crust such a quirky vibe. It’s excellent as a pit-stop for students, families and even business people on-the-go too. Their menu shows how they can be a little bit ‘out there’ too, they’ve even put an entire lobster on a pizza?!

…No wonder people are calling this bold street delight a hidden gem, and they’re right.

Crust Bold Street - Rating

Food – 8/10

Price – 8.5/10

Service – 8.5/10


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