Where To Eat This Weekend?

Many of us wonder where we should go to grab a bite for the weekend as there are so many places that it can be difficult to choose just one. So we here at Just food are here to make your life of choosing a whole lot easier and we will help you choose where to eat this weekend as there isn’t much of a choice after you hear about these wonderful places to eat at as there are so many so we decided to give you a good selection that you can choose from be you a meat eater or a vegan, those who love some continental or prefer a taste of home.

Caribou Poutine

For the first choice of where to eat this weekend we have Caribou Poutine. If Canadian food is something you enjoy or something you are looking to try then head down to Caribou Poutine. Caribou mainly serves original poutine, which is fries, cheese curds and homemade signature gravy. You can add many different toppings that you can find on their menu. These toppings include the Mrs piggy poutine, which is house pulled pork, streaky bacon and sausage. There is a fried maple chicken poutine, which is fried chicken coated in pure maple syrup. The hangover poutine, consisting of streaky bacon, sausage and a fried egg, to mention a few. They also feature new poutine combinations as specials. These are on the menu as long as stocks last, as they make sure to keep fresh new ideas in rotation. Recently the special was Beef Short Rib Poutine, topped with a sweet hot sauce. 

Maggie Fu

Our Second choice for where to eat this weekend is Maggie Fu. Maggie Fu is a family-owned, independent Asian Restaurant in the Smithdown Road area of Liverpool, close to the famous Penny Lane. Impressive salt and pepper chicken. Roasted three meat with Choi sum and fried rice, their popular king prawn pad thai to katsu curry they have something for everyone. Our pick is the roasted three meats served with steamed rice and seasonal vegetables, with optional extras like fried rice and soft noodles. Combine this with some satisfying sides and appetizers like prawn crackers, salt and pepper chips and ribs. Maggie Fu offer a great meal! 

Beef with Gooey Cheese and chicken bits

Almost Famous

Our third choice is Almost Famous make irresistible burgers. They have a wide selection, all with names and individual taste combinations. Our choice is the Butter Blood & Bleu. This steak burger features a prime cut, cooked medium rare on a juicy double cheeseburger, dripping with peppercorn and creamy blue cheese sauce, crispy chorizo and magic mayo, now with their wonderdusted waffle fries giving crunch and pure satisfaction in every mouthful.

Cargo Seafood

Cargo Seafood is a seafood restaurant here in Liverpool. They pride themselves on serving the best fish and seafood in Liverpool, which is all fresh. They are located ideally on the waterfront with breathtaking views across the River Mersey. They offer classic seafood options such as fish cakes, mussels, scallops, calamari, fish and chips, lobster and a seafood platter. They also have a grill section on their menu. It has sirloin steak, Lamb cutlets, chicken skewers and a grill platter. So even people who aren’t the biggest fans of seafood can enjoy this seafood restaurant!

Meatless Liverpool

Meatless Liverpool is a vegan restaurant located on Smithdown Road. Meatless make vegan food inspired by the local area, using local seasonal produce. As they say, the Meatless menu is a true exploration of how good plant-based cuisine can be. They do a great vegan burger. No meat is involved. It’s got a double Meatless burger patty, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and an original vegan burger sauce served on a vegan brioche bun with salted paprika fries.

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All of these restaurants are amazing and located here in Liverpool. If you pick one of our suggestions for food this weekend, we would love to hear about your experience. Get in touch on our Instagram @JustFoodLiverpool and tell us about your meal. You can also get in touch with us through our email hello@justfoodliverpool.co.uk

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