Point Blank Liverpool Review

Outside view of Point Blank

Point Blank Liverpool

Recently we were invited down to point-blank in Liverpool. Point blank is a fantastic place here in Liverpool. A place where you can get some great food whilst being well and truly entertained by their shooting range games. We thank the folks at Point Blank for inviting us down!

Venue and atmosphere
The floor plan is open, but once you get into your booth, it feels surprisingly private. Staff regularly visit to collect dishes and take new orders, so even during peak hours, you don’t have to worry about large lines or busy rooms. Having a space that feels private allows you to fully relax and have a blast with your party, no pun intended.

Whilst there we tucked into the fantastic margarita pizza, the perfect food to fuel our gaming. The pizza is filling and tasty, it comes with chips covered in cheese, tomato and other seasonings, which pairs well with the pizza. Their menu is small but the options available are done well. They offer three types of pizzas as well as loaded fries, hotdogs and a variety of chicken wings. Having had the margarita and loaded fries we definitely recommend them when you visit!


Point blank has a brilliant selection of drinks to try. They have house cocktails, classic cocktails, beers, spirits, wines and fizz. You can check their menu out online to see what drinks peak your interest. We tried a few whilst there and we enjoyed them all!

“Zombie” was the easiest cocktail to drink, but not because it was weak. It’s loaded with fruit: the pineapple, orange and lime lull you into a false sense of security, but the 3 different types of rum quickly remind you of why you should never underestimate a cocktail. It was so tasty, so if you are into the more fruity drinks this is definitely one for you. But don’t drink too much or you will understand why they call it zombie!

The Espresso Martini was our favourite, it’s so sweet that is dangerously easy to knockback, and before you know it you’re on the strongest caffeine high of your life. Although, this certainly helps when it comes to focusing on getting the highest score on the virtual gun games.

Alcoholic drinks and cocktails

Shooting range

That brings us on to the main attraction at Point blank, the games! There are 4 guns available to switch between as you wish for the games. There’s a sniper rifle, a pistol and two automatic rifles. These guns feel surprisingly realistic. They’re mostly made of metal and have a believable weight, we were surprised to find our arms still aching slightly the morning after thanks to all our shooting. They feature mechanisms you’d find on real guns which don’t actually do anything but are incredibly fun to play with. For example, I spent a good ten minutes with the pistol pulling down the hammer and racking the chamber for no reason other than it felt satisfying.

The pistol is free for anyone who’s made a booking, but unlocking any of the other guns costs an additional amount. We were surprised by the number of games available to play. Some games are just stationary target practice, where you aim to hit all the targets on screen as quick as possible in any order. Others played more like traditional arcade shooters, where you would be taken into a room to shoot “enemies” (target boards with guns) as they pop up as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding any hostages in the way.

Experimenting with each gun’s aiming and handling was a consistently fun challenge. There are several unique benefits and trade-offs to each gun that make shooting with each one a unique experience. The handgun, for example, was a gun I avoided at first due to its apparent aiming disadvantage caused by the shorter length in comparison to the other guns, but once I figured out the proper handling technique I was able to use the gun with much more mobility than the others and make up for the lower accuracy.

Point Blank Liverpool – Conclusion

Overall we really enjoyed our visit and would love to go back. We would very much recommend you give this place a visit! A unique place and a brilliant place to go. If you like shooter games or mini-games in general combined with great food and top-class drinks, this is the place for you!

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