Best Places To Spice Up Your Palette!

Here in England, like in many places we have some of the best places to spice up your palette, we have the foods that the majority of us eat every day. We are talking things like sandwiches, burgers, fried breakfasts. Although we love those foods, sometimes we need to spice things up a little. There is no better idea for different food than other national cuisines. Looking at the food popular in other countries can help us add something unique to our weekly meals. The UK is home to several people who started life in other countries. Or whose families are from different parts of the world. Some of these people have taken these influences and have decided to open restaurants to showcase their nation. These restaurants are the best when we want to try something new and spice up your palette. There are a lot of these places, so we thought we would put together a list with some picks on restaurants here in Liverpool that serve food inspired by different countries cuisines. Try some of these picks, and your palette will be experiencing something new in no time!

Mowgli Street Food

Our first choice for the best places to spice up your palette is Mowgli. Mowgli is all about how Indians eat at home and on their streets. So there is nowhere better to experience authentic Indian food. The simple dishes of the Mowgli’s menu are a million miles away from the curry stereotype. These dishes convey the truth that of proper Indian food. Showing how extremely healthy, often vegan and always packed with fresh flavour Indian food is. With a great menu, you will be stuck for choices on how you can spice up your palette. Our recommendation is the Bunny Chow. Bunny Chow is Mowgli’s showstopper. A South African Indian railway workers favourite and something popular in India for a long time. It is a fruity, hot chicken & potato curry, which is all contained inside a bread loaf. Something that not only looks amazing but tastes fantastic too. Mowgli has locations all over the country and is highly rated. They have been bringing brilliant Indian food to loads of cities across England, Scotland and Wales. We think it’s about time you take a trip down to one of Liverpool’s two Mowgli’s locations.

Torito Taco Liverpool

Our second choice is Torito Taco this is surely one of the best places to spice up your palette. Torito Taco was founded by a team of friends who liked to create great food together. Their hobby quickly led them to open a Mexican restaurant. Their menu is varied, and the service is unmatched. They make some of the best tacos in the city, giving you the chance to sample what Mexican food has to offer. With so many great items on their menu, it will be tough to choose something to try and spice up your palette! Don’t worry though, we aren’t going to leave you without a recommendation. Their beef Birria quesadilla is a fantastic place to start. It is slow-cooked ox cheek & short rib with Monterey Jack cheese cooked in beef fat then served with consommè from cooking juices finished with lime, coriander & onions for dunking or drinking. 

Hafla Hafla - Baltic Market

Our final pick is Hafla Hafla, a favourite of Baltic Market visitors. Hafla Halfa specialises in street food, inspired by the Middle East with fresh, bold & vibrant flavours. They are famous for their kebabs and halloumi fries, and when you try them, you will understand why. Hafla Hafla roughly translates to Party Party in Arabic. Tim and his talented team wanted the food to all be about fun, and we’d say he has succeeded. After travelling with Hafla Hafla up and down the UK, a permanent stall at Baltic Market was opened. They have a great selection featuring things such as, halloumi fries, kebabs with clay oven Naan’s, juicy burgers, mezze, falafel bowls and more, all inspired by the spices and freshness of The Middle East. Our recommendation is their halloumi fries. They have three different halloumi fries options. Pomegranate, which is halloumi fries with fresh pomegranate seeds, tahini and mint. Bacon, which is halloumi fries topped with maple mayo, crispy smoked back bacon bits. Salt and pepper, which is a simple yet popular salt and pepper halloumi fries. They also offer loaded halloumi fries with the options of loaded with falafel or chicken. If you want to try some authentic middle eastern cuisine, this is the place for you.


Those are our picks for the best places in Liverpool to spice up what you eat on a weekly basis. What do you think of our choices? Have you been to any of them? We think you should try these places when you are next on the lookout for that perfect thing to expand your horizons. If you have a place in mind that you think deserves to be on this list, please get in touch on social media to tell us!

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