Best Food Boxes In Liverpool!

These are just some of the best food boxes in Liverpool and you can see why food boxes are very popular in Liverpool. Having a box full of a variety of food is great when you have an appetite that a simple meal won’t satisfy. Here in Liverpool, there are many great options when it comes to boxes of food! Since there are so many, we have decided to put together a list to shine a light on some of the best boxes of food in Liverpool.

Veg Nation

Our first choice for the best food boxes in Liverpool is Veg Nation. They put together fantastic boxes full of delicious food that make a brilliant option for sharing with friends, or if you are feeling hungry and are up for a challenge, you can take it on yourself. Their boxes are fully customisable. That allows you to add options, like shawarma loaded fries, garlic butter cheesy onion loaded fries, onion rings and mushroom poppers. Their mushrooms are locally sourced, coming from the local growers. Their munchie boxes are definitely a solid pick if you are wanting a lot of food in a box for a good price.

Bubbas Trap Kitchen

Our second choice is Bubbas Trap Kitchen. Bubbas are experts when it comes to soul food boxes that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. You can find them at The Baltic Market serving delicious food seven days a week. Their boxes feature food, like Lobster Tail, Bang Bang Prawns, Chicken Pieces, Corn on the Cob, waffles with Mac & Cheese. We enjoy their boneless chicken box. It has boneless chicken wings, popcorn chicken, corn on the cob and a kinder Bueno waffle all on your choice of rice, mac and cheese or curly fries. How can you say no to a box like that, it has a bit of everything! Our favourite however is the boneless box with their chicken thighs. It features grilled chicken thighs, boneless wings, popcorn chicken, corn on the cob and a waffle. That box comes in three different varieties, BBQ, sweet chilli and buffalo. Give it a try, and you will see why it is our favourite!

CB Sushi

Our final choice is CB Sushi. You can pick up a tasty looking box meal full of amazing plant-based sushi here. Their boxes are full of options like sushi arepa, which is rice-filled pouches, pulled pork, spring onion, sriracha mayo, teriyaki glaze, Katsu chips topped with pulled pork, pickled ginger, spring onion, tonkatsu glaze, Japanese coleslaw, crispy spring onion bites. CB sushi is a unique place. All their food is plant-based which includes all the sushi. They pride themselves on producing top-quality vegan food, combing innovative and explosive flavours. They emerged in 2018 and aimed to prove that plant-based eating is just as good as traditional food. You can visit their website to see all they have to offer. If you are looking for great boxes of brilliant food, this is the place!

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