Best Cinnamon Rolls In Liverpool!

Here in Liverpool, cinnamon rolls are a much-loved treat and throughout this we are going to tell you what we think are the best cinnamon rolls in Liverpool. If you follow our Instagram page, you will have seen us feature many cinnamon rolls. Which I highly recommend you do if you’re not following it already. Since we are such big fans of a good cinnamon roll, we thought we would compile a small list of the best places to get your fix of this brilliant dessert. If there are any places that we miss off that you think deserve a spot, please contact us through Facebook or Instagram to let us know!

Caribou Poutine!

Our first choice for the best cinnamon rolls in Liverpool has to be Caribou Poutine. Caribou poutine makes some of the best looking as well as best tasting cinnamon treats in the city. They call them their cinnabuns, and they are 100% homemade. As all good cinnamon rolls are, they get topped with their tasty homemade frosting. They believe in their cinnabuns so much that they are the only dessert item on their menu, and having tried them, we can safely say it’s all you’ll need. Since Caribou Poutine has its routes in Canada and serves Canadian comfort food, they add a cool Canadian touch to each one of their cinnabuns. Each one has a cute maple leaf added for that little extra touch.


Our second choice for the best cinnamon rolls in Liverpool is Cinnabon. Cinnabon is a legend in the cinnamon roll industry, so it was only a matter of time before they appeared on this list. If you enjoy a cinnamon roll, then chances are you have heard of Cinnabon. Cinnabon originated in America, and after having loads of locations across the states, Cinnabon eventually opened its doors to the UK. They now have locations in and around Liverpool, which we could not be happier about. Like Caribou, Cinnabon makes the classic cinnamon roll. Theirs featuring Makara cinnamon and their signature cream cheese icing. But unlike Caribou, they have a few more options for us cinnamon roll lovers to experiment with. They offer chocobons which is their classic Cinnabon, enhanced with chocolate sauce. As well as this, they offer the Caramel Pecabon. Their signature roll, topped with decadent caramel frosting and pecans adding a unique crunch. If you thought it stopped there, then you’re wrong. You can get all of these options in Minibon form, so if you don’t have the appetite for a standard-sized one, but you need something to scratch that cinnamon roll itch, then you can get the Minibon, a smaller version of their amazing Cinnabons. If you are looking for something even smaller, they offer Bonbite. Multiple bite-sized versions of their Cinnabon options. No matter your appetite or size needs, they have you covered.

Press Bros/Roles And Holes - The Baking Buddha

Our third choice is Press Bros. Press Bros is a recent try for us and a try that inspired us to make this list. Press Bros coffee shop has recently started to get shipments of locally homemade cinnamon rolls. They are made by the baker Mark Lutton who goes by the name The Baking Buddha. He makes brilliant cinnamon rolls, and now that Press Bros are serving his rolls, everyone can get a try. The stocks come in at the weekend, and since they get baked by an independent baker who focuses on quality, they are served until stocks last. So if you want to get your hands on them, you need to move fast. Mark makes the classic cinnamon roll as well as some unique flavours. The most recent shipment featured two exciting flavours. The first was coffee flavoured, and the second was lemon and poppy seed. We don’t know if these flavours will appear in store again. Since they are all handmade and made at the discretion of the baker. You can follow press bros, and Mark on Instagram to keep one step ahead of the game. They release posts featuring new flavours, so you will know when to get yourself down to try these delights. Mark runs his own pop-up bakery called Roles And Holes. He can be found at the Baltic Market on Sunday, November 28th, so make sure you go down and show Mark some love.

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