Restaurants You Need to Try in Liverpool!

Liverpool is full of restaurants selling many different types of food. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to choose where you want to go for your meal. Luckily we have been out there trying all of them, so we can report on what we think are the restaurants you need to try in Liverpool. Here is our list of a few restaurants that we think you need to try. If we miss out a restaurant you think deserves to be on here, don’t fear. There will be more of these lists to come. Make sure to get in contact with us on our social media to tell us what your choices would be!


Our first choice is Christakis. Christakis have 2 locations in Liverpool, so you shouldn’t be far from some fantastic Greek and Mediterranean food. The food is well priced, at very competitive rates with a good range of hot and cold mezze plates, grilled dishes and lots of choices for fish lovers and vegetarians. There is a party menu, served on Friday and Saturday evenings after 5.30 pm to accompany their live entertainment. No matter what, Christakis makes the ideal venue for a weekend fun-filled party or a delicious meal during the week. As well as offering an expanded menu, they boast a fab party atmosphere with Greek dancers, belly dancers and DJs playing until late at weekends. So not only do you get brilliant food, you get a great atmosphere with entertainment.

Cargo Seafood

Our second choice is for all of you seafood lovers out there. Cargo seafood is a seafood restaurant here in Liverpool. They pride themselves on serving the best fish and seafood in Liverpool, which is all fresh. They are located ideally on the waterfront with breathtaking views across the River Mersey and beautiful sunsets that change with the seasons, perfect place for a seafood restaurant! They offer all the classic seafood options such as fish cakes, mussels, scallops, calamari, fish and chips, lobster and a seafood platter. They also have a grill section on their menu. It has sirloin steak, Lamb cutlets, chicken skewers and a grill platter. So even people who aren’t the biggest fans of seafood can enjoy this seafood restaurant!

Ginger - Duke Street Market

Our third choice is Ginger. Ginger serves some of the best food in a bowl, and you can find them at Duke Street Market. Ginger has an Asian inspired menu that uses high quality, authentic and fresh ingredients to create dishes with a fantastic variety of flavours and textures with influences from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China & Malaysia. If you are a fan of Asian food, then Ginger is the place for you. At Ginger, they adore the flavour profiles of Asian food, ranging from a mildly seasoned Ramen broth to a fragrant and aromatic coconut curry to a spicy, sweet and sour Bibimbap. All of that is shown off in the menu they offer which, is a blend of classic, modern and popular Asian favourites.

Pattersons Bar

To round this list of restaurants you need to try in Liverpool, we give you our final choice is Pattersons Bar. Pattersons have an excellent menu with some of the best chicken burgers in the city. Pattersons have a range of chicken burgers. If you want chicken pan-seared to perfection, then you are in luck. They have a brilliant pan-seared chicken burger called the new your yanker. If you want a classic fried chicken burger, they have a great range, all with different contents making unique flavours. We really enjoy their honey sriracha glazed chicken burger. It comes with cool ranch, spring onions, gem lettuce and sweet chilli slaw. Pattersons will definitely scratch that chicken burger itch!

Those are our choices for restaurants you need to try in Liverpool when you are next looking for a great bite to eat. We have tried to give a little variety, but we know that this won’t cover everyone and everything Liverpool has to offer, so you’ll have to come back next time we make a list like this. We are planning on making more of these lists as we have loads of recommendations. See you soon!

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