Best Festive Specials In Liverpool!

Tomorrow is the first of December, which means that the best festive specials in Liverpool are soon to appear! As everything ramps up and kicks off, whilst you might have already seen your first Christmas decorations of the year from the early or had your first festive treat because you couldn’t wait, the first is when anything goes. There is a wide range of Christmas specials coming out this year from all the restaurants in Liverpool. Since it’s a busy time of year, and we know you don’t want to spend all your time combing through reviews and options. We thought we would put together a list of all the best festive specials in Liverpool this year.

Fat Hippo - Bold Street

Our first choice for the best festive specials in Liverpool is the Hans Gruber-ger from Fat Hippo. Their Hans Gruber-ger features a Beef patty, pork stuffing patty, American cheese, maple-basted Southern fried turkey, cranberry jello and Christmas ‘slaw, served with Festive Fries. That’s not the only option they are bringing to their customers this festive season. They are also offering the Fairytale Of No Pork, which features a southern fried plant-based patty, deep-fried vegan halloumi, cranberry jello, maple fakon and Christmas ‘slaw, which can also pair with Festive Fries. If you are wondering what these festive fries are, let me enlighten you. Their festive fries are fantastic dirty cheese and gravy fries, the perfect side to one of their Christmas burgers.

Dereks - Allerton

We know Dereks for making the best sandwiches here in Liverpool. Luckily if you are looking for a brilliant sandwich this festive season, then they have you covered. Dereks have brought out their holiday hoagie, and it is so good! It features roast turkey, stuffing, tater tots, gravy and cranberry sauce. It’s a unique sandwich with an instant crunch with the tater tots combined with the fruity taste of the cranberry sauce cut short by a hit of meat which is, of course, the roast turkey covered with tasty gravy. Finally, the sandwich finishes off with its stuffing. This is why we recommend it as one of the best festive specials in Liverpool, what a festive treat!

Almost Famous - Parr Street

If Fat Hippos festive burgers didn’t quite hit the spot, then maybe this will. Almost Famous have a fantastic festive burger. They call it the Son Of A Nutcracker. Their ultimate Christmas special cheeseburger has a sausage patty, buttermilk fried chicken, AFC gravy, sweet spiced BBQ sauce, bacon jam, bacon ketchup and brandy buttered peppercorn mayo. It is topped with a cheddar jalape├▒o and chorizo sausage roll and a pig in blanket with a pot of rich buttery gravy for extra dipping. With this burger, you won’t go hungry this Christmas season.


There are a lot more festive specials that haven’t been included here. As things stand, those choices are what we would say are the best festive specials in Liverpool. We might make another list because some restaurants bring their special offerings a bit later than others. If you think we missed a good choice of this list, please let us know through our social media.

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