This Winter season will have you craving the best type of food we know to be as street food – we can’t get enough of it, especially street food vans. Which is why today we have made a brief list of the best food trucks you should try – BUT.

We know that when everyone is going to visit big cities all across the country, that you will need that wonderful pickup meal to enjoy while also enjoying your time out. This is one of the main reasons why food vans are so popular – they are always there to hype up your taste buds when you are having a good time. And we all know 2022 has been a hectic year, so let’s relax, have a good time and forget about it all for a beat. This is the blog you need to help you look forward to the end of this year! Showing you great food choices for when you are on the go.

I found these recommendations to be great and they do not disappoint. So, without further ado – let’s get into looking at some of the delicious food vans we recommend this Winter 2022.

So Greek Full - Albert Dock

So Greek Full

This Greek food van has a variety of mouth-watering dishes. WOW – just 

look at that meal platter, that is my dream meal! If you were looking for a

Greek special this season, then this is exactly what you need. We

know ‘So Greek Full’ for their gyros and meal boxes, which comes a treat

when you’re out and about – so therefore we recommend So Greek Full!

It has a lot of great reviews which further shows their talent. 


-So Greek Full, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AQ-


The Big Kahuna - Hermes Road

Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna is a great food truck that gives you the flavours that maybe some other 

food vans don’t – with a range of amazing pizzas, burgers, Thai food and hog roast giving you 

the indulgence at a fast pace – but with a delicate touch. Their Pad Thai looks amazing, it 

is something that would make your stomach squeal with happiness, aswell as tasting a 

beautiful hog roast as its coming up to the festive season to get you in that festive mood.


-The Big Kahuna,2a Hermes Rd, Fazakerley, Liverpool L11 0ED-


Kneading Pizza

This mobile catering food truck is perfect for celebrations or any gathering that has 

people that love great food for a great price! Their menu is flooding with delicious food 

with sparks of the traditional charm throughout – their pizzas look wonderful and 

authentic – but is especially traditional – made lovingly with graded Italian flour, 

specially kneaded on the spot giving you a fresh dose of Italy.


-Kneading Pizza, 35 Wilson Road, Knowsley, Liverpool, L36 6AE, United Kingdom-


With this range you can worry no more – your dinner fix is here! It is amazing to see just how much selection we have of tasty food nowadays, and food vans are now on the rise with better food becoming available daily, they are the next best trend – do not forget to try these food vans! 

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